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Website Design Services

"How much do you charge for a web site?"

That is usually the first question I am asked. But it is the hardest question to answer.

As a potential Client, you need to know that your available budget will be sufficient. I recognise that apart from the cost of developing a web site, you will also need to pay for web space and perhaps other facilities, plus the potential cost of marketing your web presence in more traditional manners. So I do understand and appreciate your need to know and to have a rough idea of the costs of developing a web site.

So I have prepared the following information. It is a guide to my likely prices and not a definitive list. I can't say what it will cost until I know and understand your needs and requirements in more detail.

Basic Design of 1 page:

A "page" is defined as about the capacity of an A4 sheet when printed. This could include graphics, photographs, web and e-mail links, enquiry forms, etc.

To design and code a simple page of text from scratch, perhaps with one or two scanned images (a logo and a photograph, for instance), a few links and about 300 - 500 words of text - would typically cost in the region of £60. The page would be fully tested in a variety of browsers and under different screen resolutions to make sure that it looks good under most conditions.

A Sample Costing:

As an example, for a non-profit (e.g. a charity, a special-interest community group, individuals or a new local small business) I would usually charge in the region of £300 for the design of a five-page site. This price would include the design and build of the site, search-engine registration.

I consider that adding headlines, captions and links is part of the design work. However, I would expect you to supply any texts in a ready to use format.

Site Redesign:

In some ways this is similar to designing a site from scratch. I will talk to you in depth and explain how I think I can improve your existing site. If you are happy with my proposals, I will agree a fee with you.

Search Engine Submissions:

Initial search engine submissions of site to top search engines - one-off fee of £30.

I hope that these figures give you a rough idea of the likely costs to you. Please do contact me to discuss your requirements.